coralie monnet

Hello, I'm Coralie


These words describe the way I photograph people. I love telling stories of the most daring lovers, those for whom the rules don't count.

My work has a strong focus on storytelling, using a poetic documentary style to capture not only the uniqueness in every couple’s relationship but also the connection between them and their guests on their wedding day. I'm drawn to the beauty I find everywhere, from the important moments that everyone will remember and cherish to the small gestures that are so precious, yet often overlooked or forgotten. 

Through my love for natural light and thoughtful play with composition I love evoking sensory and textural details, transporting the viewer to relive, imagine and feel that moment.
My goal is to portray a personal representation of each couple in a timeless, unobtrusive and sensitive way. 

I want you to look at your photos and feel the moment again and again. I want you to remember how people loved you and enjoyed this day the way you wanted it.