Clients Reviews

“We met Coralie via Skype and we directly knew we wanted her to be our photographer.
 She is nice, mindful, and very friendly but above all she is as kind as talented, and has a rare and modern eye that we really loved.
She photographed the different moments of our wedding day with an artistic point of view that perfectly captured how we felt. And the Fine Art prints that we received are sublime! 
We really had a great time with her and we couldn’t have dreamt of a better way to capture this special day. 
Our friends still ask us for Coralie’s contact when they discover our album. We will always be thankful for these awesome memories!”

Mariage Hugues + Victoire
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“Coralie photographed our wedding and it couldn’t have been more of a perfect match for me. I was dreaming of finding someone who was more of an artist than just a photographer, but I was mainly looking for someone who had more of an eye for candid shots rather than posed shots.
When I saw Coralie’s website and saw that she called herself a humanist photographer, I knew I wanted her to photograph our wedding. We then spoke on skype and we seemed to click. We are about the same age, both creatives, and had things in common as I’m an English person living in France and she’s a French person living in England.
Our wedding was quite emotional as my entire family and all of my best friends had come all the way to France from the US, most of them not speaking French, and meeting Hadrien’s family for the first time. Coralie had a way of being doing her job while being so natural and discreet. She knew exactly how to feel the moment: to know if she should be present or not and if there was a photo to be taken or not.
She was here for us while remaining so light. She really took the time to understand our story, our families, and what this wedding represented to us. It felt like having a really supportive and comforting friend with you. The results of our photos are exactly what we would have expected and more. She spoiled us completely and was such a pleasure to work with and meet.”

“We found Coralie on one of my Instagram travels and immediately knew she was what I was looking for. Every wedding we saw from her website was documented so tastefully, always at the centre of the action but never looking like she was intruding. The style was perfect. We spoke via skype and we instantly connected with her. She is one of the loveliest people we met through our wedding planning experience (and we met a LOT of lovely people).
She suggested to do an engagement shoot in the Peak District (we love spending our weekends hiking there) to spend a great moment together before our wedding day, and this is something I would definitely recommend. We learnt how to relax in front of the camera and it meant that on the day it felt like our friend had come to take our photos. The photos themselves are unbelievable. She captured all our emotions and that of our guests beautifully. The atmosphere caught on camera makes the photos look like they could be stills from a film.
We absolutely loved stopping off to get some couples photos en-route to the party. We decided to go to Longshaw Estate, where there are not only beautiful views of the Peak District but there is also an atmospheric wooded area. At this point it had started to drizzle, but we barely noticed as we were wrapped in our bubble of happiness. It’s so amazing to have photos that will always remind us of that crazy happy loving feeling and we’ll be forever thankful to Coralie for doing such an incredible job.”

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Astrid + Bela

“Dear photographer searcher, you are on a tricky journey to find the right person to crystallise the most important day of your life (emotionally AND financially!). Look no further!
 Coralie is a magician. She captured our event with a sharpness and beauty we could never have dreamed of.
After good prep – figuring out our families structure is no piece of cake – she spent 2 days with us in the South of France, charming everyone from the first “hello”.
There aren’t many people you want in that room when you’re getting ready, but she turns out to be one of them. She has a positive, calm and discreet presence that is perfect to survive the tension of the “GO” moment.
She isn’t scared of jumping in the pool and going underwater either! She doesn’t ask for much, as she flexes around the event and our wishes. The one time she “forced us” to pose for a shot (literally enjoying our time together and walking up and down the garden for 10 minutes) the shots that came out are stunning and actually the best capture of how we felt towards each other on that day. Receiving the photos, in formats that were super easy was a real plus. It meant you can give login to parents and they can organise their own prints, at that stage where you are DONE organising anything for a while.

I can’t recommend Coralie enough, her talent and commitment is worth every penny. Treat her well and you’ll get a lifetime of memories back!”

Astrid & Bela

“Coralie has an eye for catching moving moments with spontaneity and real emotions. The photos from our wedding are exceptional.
From the day before our wedding until the day after, she knew how to illustrate all these unforgettable moments. She was a close but discreet presence for the three days of the wedding, capturing all the stories, from the smallest details, to the crazy spontaneous group photos.
We will keep a particularly fond memory of our small nature session overlooking the majestic panorama of the Pic St-Loup. This little escapade in a bubble of nature, light, and scents will leave us a particularly poetic and timeless memory.
The printed photos are stunning. Her point of view on our day, the framing, the light… printed on a beautiful and luxurious Fine Art paper, make Coralie’s pictures a real piece of art that we watch with constant and renewed emotion.”

Sonia & Laurent
Mariage Sonia + Laurent Coralie Monnet 713
Sabrina + Thibaut

“Coralie, thank you for your work, for being so kind and sweet with us, and especially for your talent. You managed to preserve forever this day in our memories thanks to your beautiful photos.
Your wonderful work allows us to remember this unique day again and again. Your gentleness put us at ease, and helped us feeling good during the couple session, which wasn’t easy.
You know how to capture these special little moments of love and tenderness without being noticed, which makes these photos unique to us.
So for all of this, a huge thank you!”

Sabrina & Thibaut