Modern French alfresco wedding surrounded by Picasso’s frescos | Morgan & Hadrien

Morgan and Hadrien's French alfresco wedding
Morgan and Hadrien’s wedding was a stunning French alfresco wedding with art-deco and contemporary inspirations.

We I first met Morgan on skype we directly seemed to click. We are about the same age, both creatives as she works in fashion and design, and had other things in common as she’s an anglophone, living in France and I was a francophone, living in England. Their wedding was very emotional as Morgan’s family and all of her best friends had come all the way to France from the US. Most of them not speaking French, and meeting Hadrien’s family for the first time they thought it was a real plus to hire me as I speak both French and English and would be easy then to make their guest feel comfortable.

The way they met each other is so beautiful and surreal so I wanted to share it with you:

“We met at a bar in Paris called Le Xéme. I had just moved to Paris from Los Angeles 3 months prior and was having a drink on the terrace with a girlfriend after work. Just as I told her that I was done with dating (of course), I saw Hadrien walk in with his friends. He was the only one wearing a suit, the others were dressed more like artists, which made me feel less intimidated. Still, I was convinced that a guy like this only dated Parisian super models. His tie was loosened and his top two buttons undone. His shaggy blond surfer hair and bright blue eyes swiftly passed me as he walked in. Coming from Los Angeles, this “surfer in a suit” look had me completely swooned. I told my friend that I couldn’t leave this bar without meeting that guy. I told her I was going to marry him and we had a nice laugh. I took my leather turquoise mini skirt and followed him into the bar. There were so many people inside, I thought he would never see me, but then suddenly he screamed out, “Fuck New York, it’s all about L.A.” and our eyes immediately met. My mind was blown, I thought : does he know me? But it was just mere chance and fortuitous timing. Him and his friends joined me and my friend at our table. He pulled up a chair and placed it right in front of me as if he wanted to have a one-on-one. We talked nonstop, danced all night as if we had known each other forever, and have been together ever since.”

Morgan and Hadrien got married in the south of France. After the ceremony, everyone went to the Chateau de Castille for the reception, a chateau owned by Hadrien’s grandparents in Argilliers. The chateau was on sale when they got engaged so they wanted to gather their families and friends to celebrate their wedding and throw a last big party there.

The chateau is very special as it was not only Hadrien’s grandparents’ home, but was also previously owned by the art critic and collector Douglas Cooper who was close to artists like Miro and Picasso and therefore contains an outdoor loggia of Picasso fresques. They felt so lucky to have this mystical and personal location which was also the perfect venue for a French alfresco wedding.

Here are a few words they said about me photographing their wedding day:

“Coralie had a way of being active in her job while being so natural and discreet. She knew exactly how to feel the moment – to know if she should be present or not, if there was a photo to be taken or not, if she should take the occasion for a group photo or not. She took charge while remaining so light. She really took the time to understand our story, our families, and what this wedding represented to us. It felt like having a really supportive and comforting friend with you. The results of our photos are exactly what we would have expected and more. She spoiled us completely and was such a pleasure to work with and meet.”

Bride’s Dress: Pronovias – Bride’s Shoes: Pointure Paris – Jewelry & Accessories: Celine + Vintage – Hair & Makeup: Daniel Chavey – Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith – Florist: Fleurs de Fee – Stationery / Morgan Ungar & Manuel Wilson – Catering & Cake: Lavallergue – Lighting & Furniture: Belounge – Wedding Venue / Chateau de Castille – Entertainment: Octave & Anatole

Morgan and Hadrien’s French alfresco wedding has been featured on The Lane. If your dream is also to have a modern French wedding inspired by Art, feel free to contact me as I’d love to hear more about you and your story.

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